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Awoof browsing on Airtel line without paying a dine

Awoof browsing on Airtel line without paying a dine

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Hi lovely viewers and welcome to this post, few
months ago Airtel Nigeria ran system upgrade which
affected their BIS users with other Phone/PC, lot of
people has decided to dump Airtel Sim due to the
excessive charges applied to their bb plans recently
and they refused to spending a dime on Airtel data
plan till the plan is back to normal.

Is like things are
getting normal with our old beloved Airtel Bis but that
is not our today's business.

Am happy to tell you that there is still a way to surf
with Airtel Sim for free, n o subscription required and
no bis wahala.

What you need is to follow steps below
accordingly and you are good to enjoying free Airtel
browsing on your PC or Android phone.

Download PD-Proxy zip file from google, then register
for free username and password from here
Unzip and install it.

Then allow installation the Tap
driver that prompted to install.
Once the installation is completed, then select Server
(i.e Texas), and select UDP as the Protocol.

Insert your username and password
Then go to Settings » Advance Settings » Proto
Option , then insert 53 as UDP Port

Click on Parent Proxy , tick on the " Enable Parent

Proxy " box and enter as the IP and 80 as
the port.

Save and go back to the Main Menu to connect.

Connect your Modem Using
Start the software and wait for it to write Successfully
connected to server!

Remember that you don't need any subscription for
this, it works with #0.0.

Note that PD-Proxy only allows 100MB per day for free
users. You need to upgrade to premium plan if you
want to enjoy unlimited. It is just #650 per month.

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