Finally, We got Etisalat working with the new simple server
version 2 both on Pc and Android with just 0.0.0 Naira on your
Etisalat sim.

Lets get started,
Below is the Etisalat settings to enable the simple server version
2 configured to work for you.

Firstly, Configure your phone Apn
setting: Apn = etisalat

proxy =

port = 8080

Download the new simple server version 2

Now open the simple server version 2 and edit the settings
because the settings that came with it is meant for Mtn.

so you
need to change the settings and configure it to work with


Listen port = 8080

enable proxy box proxy host =

proxy port = 80

enable injection box injection method = get

injection query/url =

injection host =

injection line = press enter 4 times

buffer size = 8092

log level = debug

NOTE: This works well with all browser and very fast in
browsing but you can always get ucweb hd , ucweb browser ,
ucweb mini or opera from store but downloading is slow.

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