Here is a step by step guide on how to change the
screen resolution of Java games, to fit the size of your
mobile phone's screen.

The whole process requires the
installation of a third party application, called JarResize.

The application is free and needs to be installed on your
PC. After the installation is finished, download on your
PC the Java game that you want to change the

For the next step you will need to know the
original resolution of the game and the size of your
screen. When you find out the info open the JarResize
app and select both resolution (original resolution and
desired resolution).

Then click on the Select & Resize
option and select the game's .jar file that you previously
downloaded. Close the application and install the game
on your phone.

Hopefully you will now be able to play
with your desired resolution. If you don't find the third
party application or simply don't want to use it, you can
change the screen's resolution manually.

Just download
the Java game on your desktop and open it with an
archive app (WinRar, Winzip). You should be able to
finda folder called META-INF. Inside the folder there's a
file called MANIFEST.MF. Drag and drop the
MANIFEST.MF to your Desktop and open it using
Notepad and at the end of the file, add the following
two lines to the MANIFEST.MF file. Nokia-MIDlet-
Original-Display-Size: xxx,yyy Nokia-MIDlet-Target-
Display-Size: zzz,www Now save thefile and drag the file
back to the .jar file folder META-INF using WinRAR.

The letters in those two lines are the Original resolution of
the game and the Desired resolution.

So, your lines should look something like this: Nokia-MIDlet-Original-
Display-Size: 176,208


The resolution may vary, so you can put any
values that you think it will work for your phone. After
you replaced the original MANIFEST.MF file with the one
edited, you can install the game on your phone and
enjoy the game on full screen.

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