Even up till now, some of you have not been able to Use
any SIM on your Internet Modem unlock, I have decided
to Publish this tutorial in order to enable you use
different sim cards in your Modem without Unlocking.

Its Very Simple but you will need to have Nokia PC Suite
Installed on your PC before this tutorial can be useful for
You. Lets Get Started!
Download Nokia PC suite to your PC at nokia.com or
google search for it.

Insert any SIM into your Modem {Even if it is not
Unlocked} and plug to your PC.

Your Modem will display Invalid SIM Warning, just
ignore it and close modem software.
Start NOKIA PC suite.
Click on File > Connect to the Internet, then click on
the the spanner Like Icon to Configure it.
Select your Modem from the List, and Input the
Operator APN setting as when you want use Nokia
mobile connection.

Eg:- Airtel=internet.ng.zain.com


Glo = glogwap

Etisalat = etisalat
Finish Set up.

Now connect to internet through PC suite.
Wow!!! You are connect to the Internet using your
PC Suite + Modem without unlocking the modem.

NOTE:- You can insert another Sim Card and follow
the above steps then you put the APN of the network
provider and you are good to go.

>>>carry these out step by step. Dont skip any step.

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