For the past few months, Etisalat Smart/Chatpak Tweak
has been a better means for us to enjoy surfing on PC
and Android Devices, though, is not fast for
downloading and not responding well for streaming, but
I can say that it is still fair for surfing and downloading.

Today, I’m glad to inform you that we have found
another VPN that work better with Etisalat SocialMe,
Smart or ChatPak in term of speed.

Tweakware is the app that I’m talking about. I’m pretty
sure that lots of fans are already familiar with
Tweakware, because we have been using it here for long
period of time.

The mobile version seems to be unlimited unlike the PC
version which is demo till you purchase the full version,
so let’s get started on how to use it with Etisalat
Chatpak or MTN Bis.

To use Tweakware with Nigeria Etisalat Network on
Android Devices

1. I assumed that we all have active Etisalat SocialMe,
Smart or Chatpak. If not, check out this #link for the
codes to subscribe.

2. Now, download Tweakware for Android device from google.

3. Launch the Tweakware and click Option, then Settings
as it’s show in the screenshot below

4. Scroll down to Bundle Settings and click on it

5. After you select the Bundle Settings, another window
will appear and then tick Use Bundle Settings and in
select bundled settings click etisalat Chat Pack or MTN
Bis depending on what you are using.

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