2go is a well known app use
by almost all nigerian student. I don't have to say more
about 2go again.. 2go have some features which allow
us to chat on Social networking site but it only accept
Facebook, Mxit and GTalk but with this tricks am going
to drop will enable you to chat with your freind on
Yahoo Messenger, Msn and others


1. Download
Mxit Here www.mxit.co.za, Its a chatting App just like

2. Install and open Mxit on your mobile phone, then
click on sign up to register on Mxit if ask for pin use ur
mobile no.. E.g 2348012345678 as pin [serve as
password] It only accept mobile no

3.After signing up
switch to contact then click Option >> connect other
account [Facebook, Yahoo,Msn Gtalk.. Etc] Now click on
Yahoo To connect your Yahoo!! Account with Mxit by
entering your Yahoo login Detail in the box Mxit
provided.. Mxit will now notify you that you have
successfully connect your Yahoo account with mxit..

Then you will see all your Yahoo friend on Mxit, Now
Exit Mxit then login to your 2go account. Click >> Add
friend >> Mxit friend >> Then type your Mxit id and pin
and click Submit.

You will be connected to your Mxit
contact with 2go. Now click friends on 2go you will see
all The Mxit contact on 2go then locate where you see
Yahoo and start chatting with your Yahoo friend on 2go.

And under service u will see wikipedia click it and search
for anyting you want Goodluck.. Enjoy!!!!

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