A very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my blog
readers. Hope you've all enjoyed your day! This Christmas tweak
goes out to all Symbian users.

For now Symbian users would be
rocking this tweak. Java, Android, iPhone and PC users

To get started
Download JWP Mobile software to your Symbian phone here

The app also required Python for proper Installation, download
Python here

Then register an account from the JWP site at http://
jwp.joshsoft.com/register.html [Skip this if you have an account
with them already].
Uninstall every other installed JWP you have on your phone.
Use Xplore or the file manager... Go to " E or C:/system/
apps/ " and delete the folder "JWPMOBILE" before installing
this JWP.
Create new settings on your Symbian phone as seen
Configuration name: Jwp
APN: etisalat
Port: 8080
Then follow the below procedure;
Install and open the app
Protocol: HTTP
http port: 8080
J.W.P user: The you used when creating an account
J.w.P pass: The you used when creating an account
J.W.P server: http://mobile.jwp.joshsoft.com
Isp proxy: z012.fma.fb.me
I.S.P port: 8081
Leave other fields empty
Tweak: select ETISALAT NG
Then save.
Enter options then connect.
It would display similar stuff like;
Verifying username and password
connecting to authenticating server
Authentication in progress
Authentication successful
Account Status: ** ** **
Connection Date: ** ** **
listening to
Now Connect, minimize the app, open your browsers and enjoy
free browsing and unlimited downloading on your Symbian Phone!
Hope this information helps?
If it works for you, don't forget to comment here and remember to
Click Share/Like buttons for the benefit of others.

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