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How To Convert PNG photos to JPG without loosing the quality

How To Convert PNG photos to JPG without loosing the quality

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 Generally people hate the website which loads slower as no one have extra single minute to waste. So you have to resize the images that you have inserted in your website to attract the user towards your website. And also in many other work, sometime you need a image with certain quality and that too with minimum size and there are lots of images that you generally found in PNG format and when you try to resize them then the image quality get lost. And that is why we are here with a cool method by which you can convert any of your PNG format image into JPG format without loosing its quality, Yes its possible and that can easily be done by following up the complete guide discussed below to proceed.

How To Convert All PNG Photos to JPG Without Loosing Quality

The method is quite simple and straight and you will just use a cool tool, using which you can easily convert the file format of any of the image and that too without loosing the quality of the image. So follow up the below steps below.

Steps To Convert PNG Photos to JPG Without Loosing Quality:

1. First of all you need a cool tool that is Xnconvert a powerful and free cross-platform batch image processor, allowing you to combine over 80 actions. Compatible with
500 formats.
2. After downloading this tool install an Launch it in your PC and you will see interface like below.Xnconvert 1
3. Now you need to edit some of the settings in the ouput section and that settings have been reflected on the screenshot, so refer the below screenshot and do the same on your tool that is setting up the desired format to get the output photos and also the destination folder to save the photos.Xnconvert 2
4. Now click on the button Add files and then add all the images whose format you want to convert from the PNG to JPG and you will see thumbnails of all the pictures will get displayed to you.Xnconvert 3
5. Now simply click on Convert button there.Xnconvert 4
6. Thats it conversion will get completed withing the moments and you will have all the images in the JPG format and that will get saved in the location set in the Output settings.

So above is all about How To Convert All PNG Photos to JPG Without Loosing Quality. With this method you can easily convert number of pictures from PNG or any other format into the JPG or any other format and that too without loosing the quality. So use the tool and have fun. Hope you like this tutorial, do share with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.

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