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Weebly Vs. Web.com – (Things You Need To Know)

Weebly Vs. Web.com – (Things You Need To Know)

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Want to get the best website builder for your time and money? See how Web.com weighs in versus Weebly in this head to head feature comparison. We make it easy for you to decide which builder is the best option for you, so you can get your site up and running fast.

1. Templates

With over 2500 stunning designs, Web.com takes the cake here. The templates are easily searchable to find the ideal theme for your industry and style. Weebly’s template variety isn’t as strong as most, but switching templates is a breeze. You can play around with the code to get the design you want, ideal for people with coding background or design skills. Winner: Web.com
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2. Ease of Use

Weebly’s whole experience is super smooth. It’s extremely clear and easy to use, changes are simple to implement, and they offer possibly the most intuitive drag and drop tool in the industry. Web.com, is not as simple to use on your own, emphasizing on custom-built sites rather than DIY option. Winner: Weebly

3. e-Commerce

Web.com has fabulous e-Commerce solutions that can help you manage and track your sites easily. Features include full payment processors (even PayPal), simple add products functionality, order management tools, customer tracking, reports, coupon code-maker, and tracking codes to name a few. Weebly has good e-Commerce solutions, but it’s got a long way to go. They offer a basic shopping cart and it’s easy to add products, but the features and apps need to include more email, analytics, management and responsiveness to compete. Winner: Web.com

4. Features

Both sites offer analytics, custom domain, hosting, social features, and some form of SEO tools. Weebly recently launched their Carbon version, though, which tips the scales. This feature-rich platform includes a real-time dashboard loaded with stats of traffic and e-commerce, a comprehensive site editor, mobile apps for on the go tweaks, and an app center that allows you to integrate with third-party services. Winner: Weebly

5. Mobile Responsive

Weebly offers fully mobile responsive themes that look great, function smoothly and respond well to the touch. As mentioned, they provide a mobile app that lets you monitor and edit while using a mobile device. Web.com doesn’t actually have mobile dedicated themes. Rather, their themes will adjust to the mobile device, but this can be choppy at times. Also, there’s no mobile app for editing, and all maintenance is done on a separate account from the desktop site, which is rather cumbersome. Winner: Weebly
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6. Customer Support

Weebly has decent support include a support page, live chat and email, and dedicated phone support for Pro or Business plan members.Web.com has all that, but they’ve got something even better. Personalized website coaches will walk you through every step of the design process, even critiquing your site for optimal performance and style. Winner: Web.com

7. Bottom Line

Both options deliver quality service and a top-notch website. Web.com is the preferred choice, though, if you don’t have the time or design skills to really craft the kind of winning website design that makes you stand out. Visit Web.com >>

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