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How to prepare your Android device for rooting
Two recent rooting programs that have garnered some attention in the past few months are Towelroot and Kingo Root.

Both will root your device in the time it takes to brush your teeth. However, both rooting programs aren’t compatible with every Android device. Here’s Kingo’s list of compatible devices. If your phone is not compatible with this list, you’ll have to spend a little time researching ways to root on Androd forums. 

The best place to start is XDA Developers Forum. Look for a thread on your specific device and you’re sure to find a method that has worked for other people. It’s worth spending some time researching the right method for your device.

Preparation for root Back up everything that’s important to you before you start. You should also always back up your current ROM before you flash a new one.

You’ll want to ensure that your device is fully charged before you begin. You’ll also need to turn USB debugging on. On Android 4.2 you’ll enable USB debugging by going to Settings>About Phone>Developer Options> and then check the box next to USB debugging. 

Most Android rooting methods require you to install some software on your computer. It’s possible you’ll need to install the Android SDK. You may find other software is required. Make sure you follow the instructions on the XDA developers forum and install all of it before proceeding.

Unlock your bootloader Before you get started, You will also need to unlock your bootloader.
Bootloader is a program that determines which applications will run in your phone’s startup process. Unlocking your bootloader will allow you to customize your device. Manufacturers have responded to a demand for customization. 

Many of them have provided methods to help you unlock the bootloader on their website, though they are generally provided for developers, and they usually require you to sign up or register an account first.

Motorola bootloader unlock program. HTC unlock bootloader page Sony’s unlocking the bootloader instructions. Some manufacturers and carriers don’t allow bootloader unlocking, but you can often find a way around that with some searching (try the XDA Developers forum).

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