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Method of using 2 styles on 2go application

Method of using 2 styles on 2go application

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It was amazing the day i got to know this trick through my research, I was busy chatting online with my friends when something just pop-up in my mind that "is there a way you can use 2 styles together on 2go?" not that very sure.
Then, I was still using 2go v3.7 and I believe that there is nothing impossible then I navigate to my 2go style and get that done.
So I want to share the process with you while you try it yourself.


1. Launch your 2go Messenger v3.7, wait till the launching and loading of friends list finish.

2. Navigate to your "2go style", then apply your favourite style in the given list.

3. Now, go back to your friend list and chat for like 30 seconds.

4. Go back to your "2go style" list again and select the second style you want.

5. While its trying to load the second style, when the loading reach 50-60%, press the "END CALL KEY" on your keypad twice to close your 2go messenger.

6. Now, launch your messenger again and see your style in double form.

It works on 2go v3.7 only. This one is tested.
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