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Simple Tutorial on IMEI Tweaking on Android platform

Simple Tutorial on IMEI Tweaking on Android platform

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Today I will be teaching you all how to change and Tweak imei on Android.

(How to tweak IMEI On Android)
A lot of browsing cheats are in town now and they are really making waves on the internet,am also sorry for not having a free browsing category on my blog it would have made this whole stuff organized and easy for visitors to navigate. So,most of the cheats in town require IMEI TWEAKING knowledge and skills.
You should know that IMEI tweaking is an advance,easy and competitive game. IMEI are calculated using Luhn Formula,mathematicians will know better.
Let’s proceed…

Be warned IMEI SWAPPING can damage your device NVRAM partition oo,so don’t blame  9jahotline when you blow up your device and you get admitted for over cracking your head while trying to tweak IMEI — You have been warned this is a DISCLAIMER!!!


A rooted Android Device

A Android Device (Anyone but preferably MTK)
IMEI Analyzer (Download it From Playstore)
How to change your IMEI, it varies for different devices.

But you can read that of various devices HERE
Now that you have all this stuffs at hand, its time for the big deal.

I will be using the trending INFINIX HOT NOTE IMEI as an Example (chai I pity INFINIX o,diarix God all this IMEI we are tweaking…)

This is a working IMEI ;

Copy and paste the working and sanctified IMEI in your IMEI analyser application and click on analyse.
If you something similar to the screenshot above you are ready to proceed.
Now that you have a working IMEI what you have to do is remove the last 2 digits and add one number serially.
I.e 3584290602122(add 1 number eg 2)
Now you should click Analyze and the application will automatically generate you the last number.
Take note that the last number determine the validity and authenticity of the IMEI.
For some reasons you may not be given the correct brand and model compared to my screenshot above but if it says VALID IMEI , copy and change your IMEI.


So you have been tweaking almost 100 IMEI and you are yet to find a working one, Firstly I will salute your salute your courage for the patience and endurance brox you try Gan..
All you have to do is change the sequence I mean if the IMEI that worked las for Mr Adrio is
358429060212570 remove six digits from the back and start adding yours according to how the holy spirit or the god of free browsing has inspired you and start tweaking again.
My fellow brothers,their is no such thing as magic in this stuff is luck,endurance, patience and mathematical knowledge.
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